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Meet Hemali

Healer. Coach. Author.

Hemali V. Vora, MPT, is a seasoned holistic practitioner, intuitive energy healer, and spiritual mentor with over two decades in healthcare. Having supported hundreds of patients and families through chronic illnesses, disabilities, and personal traumas, she brings a wealth of experience. Explore more about Hemali and the opportunities to collaborate with her.



Dr. Stacey Cole Wilson

Hemali Vora is a revolutionary warrior woman who is masterfully balancing the roles of daughter, wife, mother, sister, nutritionist, healer, and friend. Integrating personal life lessons, the beauty of her culture, and the buoyancy of her spirituality, she exudes the divine strength and resilience needed to overcome the storms of life.

Blain Tesfai

Hemali’s dedication to the cause of healthy living had led her to take classes related to this and she continues to read and have conversations with experts in the field. I am blessed to know her as she always gives me good pointers about small changes I can make for my family and myself to help us with healthy living.

Mariesol Figueroa

 Hemali was sensitive and patient in explaining all about Reiki. She gave me a lot of information in a very gentle, calm manner that instantly relaxed my mind and spirit. After the session, she gave a full review and explanation of what i felt and experienced. I left my session feeling calm and was like a heaviness was lifted.


Sacred Death: 25 Tools for Caregivers

mock-00054 (3).png

This is a book of stories and inspiration.  And it’s a little more than that.

It’s a collaboration of 25 end-of-life experts, coaches, healers, therapists, and practitioners who’ve trained in modalities to assist the dying, and their caregivers.

Purposeful and powerful, Sacred Death breaks barriers to a healthier you, walking with loss rather than pulling it behind. - Amazon Reviewer

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