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The cover for Sacred Death by Theodora Elena Engelhart


Inspired by the impermanence of life.


Life that is ever present in an endless circle of life and death and death and life.


What is the beginning of the circle?


A circle, where all is existing in unity within all cosmic realities and expressions.


A circle where animals, humans, plants, planets and everything beyond are part of the whole.

Infinite Transformation bringing forth creation. Humans as cyclic creatures embracing all stages of being, spiraling through the power of the elements in outer reflection to inner self-revelation.


Passing beyond linear time concepts into an understanding of the constant change in the ever-present now.

There is a long and sacred process of birthing these collages (healing artworks).


They come into being after rituals, deep meditation, and intuitive nudges. As the creative energies start flowing at different hours of the day or night, I get back into that sacred space and allow the expressions to emanate into existence.

This healing artwork was created for Sacred Death book and conceptualized keeping Hemali Vora’s vision for the cover in mind. And made with immense love and healing energies for all.

Theodora Elena Engelhart

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