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Awakening heARTs Retreat

A Sacred Journey to Wholeness Through Connection, Inner Balance and Cultural Immersion

18th - 27th November 2023, Guatemala

Experience/explore with us a journey to inner peace through yoga, meditation, sacred ceremonies and rituals.


Magical Accommodations

Staying above the azure mystical waters at Villa "Peace of Heaven", a paradise retreat property located on a secluded cliff in the village of San Marcos La Laguna.  It is designed and decorated with a rich appreciation and love of the Maya culture, combined with the mesmerizing and inspiring natural beauty of the Lake.


Relax and Revive

Daily Yoga OR Movement, Meditation, Journaling, Traditional Maya Wisdom Teachings and Experiences. Daily intentions, learning, experiencing, integrating one to two energy centers per day.  Magical Lake Swims, Waterfalls, Volcanic Mountains, Endless Starry Nights and so much more!


Soul Food

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with nourishing, soulful, delicious vegetarian food-- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Tea, Cacao, fresh fruit juices & Snacks. All Meals are Farm to Table. Prepared by wonderful indigenous Chef Rosa. Our meals will be served on the patio overlooking the gorgeous lake. 


What is included in this one time experience?

  • Two nights in Antigua, Guatemala, and seven nights at a lakefront villa on Lake Atitlan.

  • Welcome Dinner on the day of arrival.

  • Roundtrip private Group Pick up and Drop off from & to Guatemala City Airport.*

  • Transportation to and from planned activities during the retreat.

  • Vegetarian meals  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Tea, Cacao, fresh fruit juices & Snacks.

  • All meals included except 2 (on free times when exploring the town on your own).

  • Daily Yoga OR Movement, Meditation, Journaling & Traditional Maya Wisdom Teachings & Experiences.

  • Daily Intentions, learning, experiencing, integrating one to two energy centers per day (Chakras, meridians). What does it look like when out of balance? What does it look like when in balance and alignment? How to bring these energy centers into balance holistically?

  • Daily Temescal (Sweat Lodge) will be available during free time.

  • One 60 min Private Massage Session with an indigenous massage therapist & healer.

  • Workshop and Cacao Ceremony with Maya women's collective.

  • Workshop: a visit to a weaving cooperative run by Maya women.

  • Fire Ceremony led by a Shaman.

  • Sunrise Hike to Rostro Maya / Indian Nose.

  • Meditative hike into the nature reserve near the waterfalls.

  • Grand closing celebration on our last night.

Meet Your Hosts & Guides


Who is this retreat for?

This is for you if you...

  • Want to live more aligned, balanced, calm and joyous life. 

  • Want to live more conscious, intuitive, awakened life, to manifest your dreams, be more creative, bring abundance, peace, love and joy into your life. 

  • Are feeling lost, tired, forgetful, less energy, short tempered, out of balance, not living the life you want, feeling disconnected from self and purpose.

  • Need to rekindle your love for Self and for Life. 

  • Feel stuck in your spiritual practices and have the urge to go deeper within. Want a paradigm shift in your mind, body, emotions, & spirit.

  • If your life is on an autopilot, same, day in and day out. 

  • You feel an inner restlessness, irritation, don’t know where to go next, what path to take.

  • You feel there is something missing in your life; you want to be more happy, fulfilled and successful. A sensitive and/or empathic soul, who feels deeply and needs guidance to use your inner strengths and gifts for your higher purpose.  

  • You take care of everyone else and jump to fulfill everyone else’s needs but yours. Need guidance creating healthy boundaries.

  • You are overwhelmed, overworked, burnt out, stressed, need a mental, physical and emotional break.

  • You are ready to invest in yourself, for your wellbeing, peace and balance.

  • Want to start taking care of yourself, your body, mind and soul.

  • You have wanted to get started with meditation, yoga, intuitive living.

  • Wanted to change your lifestyle and didn’t know where to start.


What will you get out of this Retreat?

  • A safe space to be who you are, to be vulnerable, to feel that you belong and be part of a community, where you are cared for and received with love, support, deep listening ears, and compassion.

  • Learning to move throughout the day with intention and purpose. Exploring, observing, experiencing, integrating one to two energy centers per day (Chakras, meridians). Be in balance and alignment within yourself and in harmony with the group, nature and elements.

  • Start a daily practice of taking care of YOU with adding in nourishing thoughts, speech, beliefs, emotions, food, body movements, energy movement, spiritual movement… A wholistic approach to You- including and bringing along all of you.  

  • Guided meditation, reiki meditation to discover & meet The real you, your higher being, your muse, your knower consciousness, your light, eternal self; who is hiding underneath all the labels, relations, traumas, pain, wounds. 

  •  Working with the elements, nature, cultural beliefs, this transforming ceremonies to take back with you and use to help transmute, shift, clear and transcend difficult situations and emotions.

  • Sparking your childlike curiousity to explore your inner workings, and how you use your senses, what are your habits, patterns and blockages? What are the underlying causes? And why those are formed? How and what really makes you happy? What brings you Joy? 

  • Explore your inner gifts, strengths, power, wisdom and learn to listen to your inner GPS system, your intuition. 

  • Have a beautiful relationship with yourself. Honoring, valuing, accepting, loving yourself fully, unconditionally without judgement and criticism. 

  • Experience how to live with clarity, focus, with intention, using your intuition and guidance from higher consciousness. 

  • Experience the paradigm shift in all levels of your life.

  • Get started on living Intuitively as a whole being, mind, body and soul.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are giving back to the community by employing locals.





All inclusive for 9 nights, 10 days

Take $200 off if booked before 08/17

Includes $900 nonrefundable deposit

Couples / Shared Rooms



All inclusive for two: 9 nights, 10 days

Great option for friends/groups/couples

Includes $900 nonrefundable deposit

Space is limited, so book now! Payment plan can be discussed if needed.

Each room is very spacious. You can explore the extensive gardens, with nooks for reading and entertaining, that are carefully tended each day.

Relax on a hammock or on several lounging areas that are secluded within the grounds. We will have daily yoga or gentle movement, meditation, activities on the yoga platform and in the gardens. You will have daily opportunities for free time and enjoying the nature and peaceful retreat property.

Next Steps

Are you ready to embrace life and it’s magic?

Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

To go deeper within, to see the light and love that you are?

Are you ready to discover your power, strength, gifts?

Are you ready to listen to your inner guidance?

Are you ready to be in BALANCE, in JOY, in ABUNDANCE, in LOVE?

Come join me on this life changing magical journey...

STEP ONE: Use the form below to email me and set up a time for us to discuss your application to join the retreat.

STEP TWO: We will have a quick 'no obligation' chat to make sure the retreat is the right fit for you.


Know Before You Book

What's Not Included:

  • Hotel stay or transportation before November 18th or after November 27th (can help you connect and/or assist to arrange for hotel and transportation at your own expense).

  • Travel insurance for your trip and retreat (Required)

  • Gratuities for hotel staff or activities

  • Personal Shopping, souvenirs

  • 2-3 Meals during your free time to explore other cuisine of your choice in the town.

  • Transportation and excursions on your free time

  • Any expenses incurred at free time

  • Extra massage time or more sessions can be booked at your expense and paid directly to the massage therapist.

  • Individual Healing Sessions: Reiki, Akashic Records Reading, Quantum Healing by the facilitator and other healers supporting the retreat. But can be booked at discounted price.

  • Personal medical expenses, that includes any doctor visits, medications, transportation to and from these visits, hospital visits (will assist and fully support with arranging and possibly accompanied by trusted local retreat support staff if needed).

Cancellation Policy:


  • $900 Nonrefundable Deposit to Confirm your Space for the Retreat

  • 50% of the price refunded if canceled by the purchaser before 60 days of the start of the retreat.

  • No refund if canceled the purchaser before 30 days of the start of the retreat.

  • Travel insurance required.

Get in touch

Thanks for submitting!

Scott Holmes

If you have the opportunity and it calls to you, traveling to a retreat no matter where in the world it is, with Hemali Vora will lead you to answers you didn't even know you had a question for. Her understanding of such a wide breadth of topics, modalities and experiences gives her a unique position of leading you into better understanding of who you are and the path you were meant for in this world.

It was the trip of a lifetime and will in exorbitantly change me and how I see the world and myself. In a different, beautiful way. Take the leap and know all will be as it should. I did and it was the best thing I could have done.

Preeti Singh

This was my first experience traveling with people I had never met before. But I knew I would be okay from the get go because I trusted Hemali fully and to be able to be in her company was enough for me. She has this ability that makes me feel comfortable being me.

My big takeaway from this trip is to be myself, even if I stand alone, I stand in my truth. The confirmation of being on the right path, introducing ideas of oneness, the meditation technique, the importance of movement and breathwork. This trip had it all. Everything that I could have ever asked for.

Polly J. Stadt

Overall, my experience on this retreat was transformational. This trip validated for me that the space I have been living, is where I want to continue to be. It enabled me to be present in the moment, allowing me to heighten my intuition and deepen my meditation practice.


If you are considering this retreat, I would recommend coming with an open mind and a willingness to let go of control, as it will allow you to fully embrace the experience. Hemali offered a perfect balance of guided activities yet options of downtime, rest and reflection.

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