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Why Hemali?

Hemali Vora is a revolutionary warrior woman who is masterfully balancing the roles of daughter, wife, mother, sister, nutritionist, healer and friend. Integrating personal life lessons, the beauty of her culture, and the buoyancy of her spirituality, she exudes the divine strength and resilience needed to overcome the storms of life. From her cooking to her story, embrace it all. Experience has forged her and she is a modern day gift to us all.

- Dr. Stacey Cole Wilson

I have known Hemali for many years. Our kids go to the same school. Like any other parents we connected through our kids but our relationship grew beyond our sons’ friendship as we both shared similar views of healthy living.  Soon most of our conversations became about food, exercise and other healthy lifestyle topics. We started sharing recipes and taught each other how to cook healthy vegetarian foods. 

Soon, Hemali took all this discussions we were having with some of the parents to a new level and changed the way her family ate at home and exercised. As the saying goes the proof is in the pudding- it was evident by the way her family’s health was changing that she was on the right track.


Hemali did not want to keep this new way of living to herself and her family only. She was motivated to share with others. She participated in different health awareness programs at our kids’ school and started educating students and parents.

After seeing this, I asked Hemali if she would be willing to come and do a presentation on healthy eating to my family members who needed education as they were struggling with weight and health issues that resulted from not understanding how to choose the right food. She did an amazing job. She had a presentation that included, reading food labels and how to make healthy and delicious smoothies. She answered all their questions and was she honest about how changing eating and exercise habits were not easy. My family members who were present at the presentation still uses what she had taught them to teach their kids how to have good eating habits. 

In addition to this, Hemali had taught me stretching techniques to help me overcome my back problems without any medication, just by using her expertise in physical therapy, she was able to show me how to stretch muscles I did not even know I had.

Hemali’s dedication to the cause of healthy living had led her to take classes related to this and she continues to read and have conversations with experts in the field. I am blessed to know her as she always gives me good pointers about small changes I can make for my family and myself to help us with healthy living.
-Blain Tesfai

It took me a long time to find the words to write the recommendation for Hemali Vora performing my first reiki healing session. I had not experienced, reiki before and did not what to expect. Hemali was sensitive and patient in explaining all about Reiki. She gave me a lot of information in a very gentle, calm manner that instantly relaxed my mind and spirit. After the session, she gave a full review and explanation of what i felt and experienced. I left my session feeling calm and was like a heaviness was lifted. I will always seek her out when I need another cleansing!
-Mariesol Figueroa 

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